We offer UX-inspired website design and development

What we do

Since 1996, we've provided full-service web design and development to government agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and private sector enterprises throughout the metro Washington DC area. We thrive on creating intuitive websites that are attractive, elegant, and easy to use. We know that positive user experiences are key to brand engagement and deliver a high return on investment for all of our clients. Whether working for a Fortune 500 company or small family business, we pride ourselves on creating unique solutions that highlight our clients' competitive advantages.

What we believe in

We want to create good design that simplifies processes. Even complex systems need websites that are easy to use, intuitive, and clear in focus. We leverage proven technology and principles of UI/UX to create attractive websites that blend robust back-end features with simple interfaces. We turn complicated workflows into smooth, intuitive processes that increase productivity. We believe that a good website improves customer retention, ROI, and business results. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service for our clients and customizing all of our services to meet client needs.

Who we are

Chris Baltazar CEO / President

Scott Prince CTO

Why you should work with FILNET

Our Experience

Over the last 19 years, we've racked up awards for innovative use of technology, best website design and web portal, and top ranked interactive web design firms in the metro DC area. We stay on top of UX, web design, and web development trends and best practices to create inspired, innovative and truly useful products for our clients. We're proud of how we've evolved into a full service interactive media agency without losing touch with client services.

Cultivating a Personal Touch

Whether working with a Fortune 500 company or an independent small business, we never lose sight of the personal touch in building client relationships and interactive web content. We strive to deliver solutions that meet your business needs, leverage industry best practices, and make your work a little easier. That's why we're a leader in Washington DC website design and development.

Dedicated to Our Clients

Our staff connect every single design and development solution to our client's business objectives to maximize the return on investment and build our client's brand. We offer a full suite of services, from business and technical analysis, graphic and user interface development, and programming and web services, to specialized e-learning and e-government solutions to meet your needs with elegance and refinement. How can we help you?