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Catania for Mayor

Catania for Mayor

Filnet designs David Catania's campaign site for Mayor of the District of Columbia



Filnet redesigns the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence website and corporate identity.

Bioinformatics, LLC

Bioinformatics, LLC

Bioinformatics LLC gene2drug.com Website.



Prince William Network distance learning adventure, produced in partnership with the US Forest Service.

Filnet receives Maryland Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification

Filnet receives Maryland Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Certification

We're proud to announce our recent Maryland Department of Transportation Minority Business Enterprise certification. We look forward to working with Maryland entities.

Please update your address books!

Please update your address books!

We would like to announce our new address: 8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 1300, Vienna VA 22182. Our phone numbers remain the same.

who we are

Since its inception in 1996 by founder and CEO, Chris Baltazar, Filnet has evolved into an award-winning, full service interactive media agency that provides web development and business applications for government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits and private sector enterprises in the Washington DC area.

Internet Strategy

At Filnet, we believe technology must adapt to the unique needs of the clients we serve. With this philosophy, we customize our internet solutions based on your unique needs and the current realities of the clients you serve. Our internet strategy services are comprehensive, beginning with an in-depth analysis of your business: its objectives, clients, strengths, challenges, processes, marketing, and technology assets. With this baseline understanding of your business, we will develop a customized strategic plan for design, including online applications, systems and marketing. After implementation, we consistently monitor for quality assurance and work with you to maintain efficiency of your website. Our full service winning internet strategy seeks to provide you a more effective business and an improved bottom-line. Once our project is complete, Filnet will measure success through web statistics analysis and client feedback, among other identified performance measures.

User Experience Mapping

Our standpoint is that in order for your business to be effective, your web clients’ experience should be direct and efficient, accessing information that is straightforward and easy to find and services that are practical and streamlined. During our in-depth analysis of your business, Filnet will meet with your organization to analyze your web user statistics to study and examine the different users of your website. Once we determine who the key users are, we will develop a navigation and user interface that is based on your clients’ needs and realities to ultimately provide them with the best user experience possible.

Requirements Analysis

As a critical component of our comprehensive services, Filnet will analyze your business to determine and execute the requirements that are needed to ensure a successful internet strategy solution. Our process for this may include but is not limited to:

• examining and targeting your customers’ needs
• reviewing your business systems and applications
• evaluating your internal workflow management
• employing resource and strategic planning
• identifying, constructing and implementing the best information   architecture, applications and systems for your website
• testing and documenting quality assurance.

Our main objectives are that we have met your agency requirements successfully and the applications and systems that we put into place will offer an unprecedented level of control, reliability and return on investment (ROI).

Project Management

Filnet has developed a successful and accountable project management methodology. This transparent process assures that projects are delivered on-time and within budget. Our project managers (PMs) systematically plan, schedule and maintain progress reports of all activities throughout the lifecycle of a project. As a principle, Filnet PMs strive to maintain progress and reduce the risk of technology failure. With a true understanding of your business and enterprise applications, our project managers (PMs) are consummate professionals who deliver results that support your business and technology objectives.

Consulting/Staff Augmentation

Because Filnet realizes that your agency’s technology staffing needs may change at any given time during our internet strategy project, Filnet offers an IT Staff Augmentation service which allows you to staff up or down to reflect your current or projected technology needs.

Filnet can easily access our range of expert consultants such as programmers, project managers and database administrators (DBAs), all of whom are readily available for assignments at your headquarters or field offices.

Our cost effective staff augmentation service eliminates long-term hiring efforts and helps you deliver on-budget and timely results.

Custom Web Design

Filnet offers award-winning web design and redesign services. We employ the most current and innovative strategies to deliver a customized web design that is effective and engaging and more importantly, meet your clients’ needs in terms of functionality and appeal. Filnet has the added capability of creating and including on your site: animation, illustration and interactive features, all of which are improved elements that may be used to complement, supplement and reinforce the user's online experience.

Content Management

Filnet successfully develops proven content management systems that allow you, our clients, to easily manage and administer your website’s basic design and content. Considering the complexity of your business’ content needs, Filnet provides you with a unique content management system that ensures your self-sufficiency and control of your website. Implementation of your custom content management system may include integrating third party solutions like Joomla and Drupal, both of which are presently utilized by many organizations similar to yours.

Information Architecture

The architecture or organization of information is crucial to the usability of a superior website. Guided by in-depth analysis of your agency as well as your client and staff feedback, Filnet creates navigational websites whose data and media visitors can quickly and easily access.

Additionally, as your client base becomes more technology savvy, they will demand or come to expect more "bells and whistles" from your website. Filnet plays a critical role in meeting your clients' expectations by improving the organization, accessibility and dissemination of media and information on your website.

Our technology experts ensure that your website is more efficient, operates worry-free and improves business processes and transactions.

User Interface Design

Being the visual part of your web system, the user interface is where first impressions are made. Intuitiveness and usability are top priorities when it comes to designing the web interface. When this system is easy to use, your clients are satisfied with their experience on your website. In addition, the easier this system is, the less training your staff needs in order to manage it, reducing training costs and time.


Accessibility of your website plays a key role in reaching out to the widest audience possible. Filnet uses the latest technologies so that diverse users can access your website. Additionally, Filnet ensures that Federal agencies are in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requiring that IT and electronic services offered by Federal agencies are accessible to people living with disabilities.

Flash + Video Production

Multimedia has become an essential part of the web, visually drawing prospective and current clients to your website. Understanding the importance of this interactive resource, Filnet has the capability to implement the latest Flash technologies and full video productions on your website.

Custom Application Development

Filnet specializes in developing cost-effective applications that are tailored to your specific needs. Practical web-based applications work to share essential information, market and sell your products, provide customer service, and engage your users. We enhance your individual business processes by creating a responsive and intuitive application and integrating it into a seamless, user-friendly interface.

Systems Integration

Systems integration is crucial to the functionality and efficiency of your business. Often, businesses lose effectiveness because their internal systems are disparate. Filnet adds value to your agency by integrating and connecting data from local and foreign network sources to allow your business to perform business tasks with ease. Filnet utilizes tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, search engine enhancements for your content management systems (CMS) and reconcilation engine technologies for a full systems integration, enabling your organization to improve customer service, staff productivity, and organizational effectiveness.

Database Integration

Databases are the heart of most information systems and require professional management in order to maximize your investment. They allow you to gather and track key client and systems information that will guide and elevate your business. Our certified database administrators (DBAs) have extensive experience with databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, among many others. Filnet provides expert management in developing and running your internet database. Our experts ensure that your information management needs are being met and that the integrity and value of your data is maximized. Based on your requirements, we can build a custom database or enhance a pre-packaged online database that has already been developed with the functionality you seek.

Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

Filnet utilizes technologies such as AJAX to produce customer-focused and interactive RIAs for your staff and web clients. Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are Web applications designed to deliver the same features and functions normally associated with desktop applications. Beyond your desktop, RIAs work on any computer that has web browsing capabilities making them more widely accessible than desktop applications. Because they are Web accessible, the RIAs Filnet develops for your business will enhance real-time online communication between your business and your clients, produce consistent user interface and experience across the board, and engage your clients who are familiar with desktop versions of RIAs.

508 Compliance

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires Federal agencies to make IT and electronic services accessible to people living with disabilities. Filnet offers technologies that will help Federal government agencies eliminate barriers that exclude persons with disabilities and stay in compliance with Section 508.

Translation Integration

If your audience speaks various languages, it may become necessary for you to adapt technologies that allow your website to communicate to users in their native languages. Filnet translation integration services include machine translation as well as direct human translation. Using custom software, machine translation technology automatically converts your website text into useable and meaningful language for your target audiences. Direct human translation is available as needed and requires dedicated language specialists to supplement automated software translation services.


Filnet provides your business with a complete e-commerce solution from A to Z. Our service includes designing your online store to fully market your products and services, implementing your shopping cart to include easy management of inventory, customer information, and order confirmations, and finally, securing financial transactions and information to protect your users against identity theft, fraud and the like. Additionally, Filnet enables your business to track your e-commerce website statistics and report on sales figures during any given time period. Using the most current technology and best practices, our e-commerce websites are client-focused, easy to navigate and secure.

Search Engine Optimization

Maximizing traffic to your agency's website is a proven strategy of recruiting prospective clients, one of the many ways your organization grows. Filnet elevates traffic to your website with our Search Engine Optimization service. We analyze your current and target users to determine the specific information, products, and services they are interested in because this affects their online searches especially the keywords your users are likely to search for. Of similar importance are the social networking sites and online communities your users belong to and gather information from. Lastly, Filnet seeks to identify the other things your clients are interested in because those are the sites that they will most likely link from in order to connect to your website. To draw prospective clients to your website, Filnet's Search Engine Optimization serves to increase the ranking of your website on search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, promote your business and online presence on social networking websites and online communities that your targeted users belong to, as well as build links to your website from similar and relevant websites.

Paid Search / Pay Per Click (PPC)

Especially targeted to our clients who sell products and services, Filnet offers a Paid Search or Pay Per Click (PPC) service to attract visitors or prospective clients/buyers to your website. With this service, Filnet assists your business in setting up and managing PPC accounts on search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, allowing you to generate leads and make search marketing work for you. PPC campaigns require research, time and money; however, if done deliberately and successfully, your investment does pay off with your heightened business presence online and eventually, an increase in clients and sales.

E-mail Marketing

Filnet offers an Email Marketing service to maintain and improve your customer services. Email marketing through email newsletters or messaging keeps clients informed about new and/or discounted services and products, keeps your printing and administration costs to a minimum, and entices users to keep coming back to your site. Our Email Marketing service streamlines your online process for signing clients up for accounts and adding them to your database. Additionally, Filnet develops a professional email newsletter template that your business can use all the time, simply by editing content and sending out. Our service helps you effectively market your products and services, meanwhile minimizing administrative costs for your agency.

Keyword Identification

As part of our Search Engine Optimization service to draw targeted users to your website, Filnet analyzes your current and web clients to determine the specific information, products, and services they are interested in because this affects their online searches especially the keywords your users are likely to search for. Furthermore, we offer intensive keyword identification by studying the latest keyword demand and competition and using current and historical data.

Social Networking

One of the significant tools for attracting clients to your website and improving custom service is social networking (an integral part of Filnet's Search Engine Optimization service), linking you to social communities, often grouped by similar interests, demographics, and the like. Nowadays, many social networking functions allow web programmers to manage endless interaction and technological services like social bookmarking, reader recommendations and comments, video sharing and online chat. Filnet utiilizes these functions to build your business brand and enhance the interaction between your agency and clients.
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